Welcome to

Stracta Hótel Hella

Loving the lava life

Loving the lava life

Earth Wind and Fire

Main house

The beating heart of our hotel

– and also a pleasant place to relax

This is where you’ll find essential services like the reception desk and the bar. But you’ll also discover our 320-seat restaurant, our stylish lounge, and our conference facilities. We hope you’ll agree the décor is welcoming and homely, yet also stylish and unique...

What’s going on?

Stracta Hella is a hotel, not a theme park – so we invite you to simply relax and do as you feel. But that’s not to say we can’t help you stay entertained

We are strategically positioned to showcase the best of Iceland’s extraordinary nature within easy distance of urban amenities and we naturally have tours on offer so you can go face-to-face with volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls and glaciers. The hotel garden forms the catchy backdrop to hot tubs, a play area, a BBQ and more.


Hotel rooms

Our standard rooms accommodate up to two people in style and comfort, each with private en-suite bathroom

All our rooms are designed to strike a balance between luxury, style, simplicity and practicality. As a result, you get comfort and value for money.

Furthermore, in the name of peace, quiet and personal space, the hotel is all on the ground floor and the rooms are in several different buildings, connected to the main building by enclosed glass walkways. This means a peaceful night’s sleep, as well as not needing to go outside on your way to breakfast/dinner. We like to think we’ve got it all covered!

Other accommodation options

We also have single and double rooms without en-suite, and detached rooms and chalets for up to six guests

If you want the same style and comfort for even less money, then go for a shared bathroom option. The rooms themselves are just as lovely!

If you want even more peace and privacy, then book one of the homely 2-4 person rooms in our secluded outbuildings (not connected to reception by glass walkways). Those travelling with bigger groups will love our chalet options, designed for four to six guests.